About Our Tonics

Our Foundation & continued development 

Creating alongside Raw Holistic Pharmacist 

Natural Natives Hemp Protein Tonics have been created and developed through a raw holistic pharmacist with a passion for functional medicine and a particular interest in whole and non-processed foods for optimal health. 

With this as our foundation our bespoke Hemp Protein Tonics are created using a makeup of raw ingredients selected for their specific properties that increase your mind and body wellbeing with different medicinal benefits.

How does it work?

Natural Natives Stacking Approach 

We select our ingredients with a stacking approach.

What does this mean?

It means we create exactly the right dose of each raw, natural ingredient that can both improve on an individual level. Working together with our other carefully selected ingredients by converting and creating special properties to improve various health results.

We take only what we need from nature

Much more than just a Hemp Protein your tonic is quite literally made from earths natural riches. We are careful to only source natural ingredients that are grown in a sustainable way and a natural environment. 

We ensure that what we take is only what we need. So that we can continue to benefit from all the amazing medicinal plants and herbs in Natural Natives health tonics such as our Hemp and Mushrooms.

We do this so we can use them again and again without robbing nature in the process.