Our Story

Founded by Jade Heap and Terence Muru, Natural Natives was born in answer to a call for a more holistic pathway to wellbeing using only earth's most natural ingredients. 

Starting out as a chef with an interest in nutrition, Jade, now a Neuro-Semantics Mind Coach and Physical Trainer, co-owns a gym in Auckland CBD and does extensive theoretical and practical research into natural holistic medicines.

Trained from the age of three in practice of Mirimiri (traditional Maori healing) Terence has toured the world for 10 years through his practice and under the tutelage of Atarangi Muru his mum who passed down the teachings in their family.

Both share a passion for empowerment of people, the expansion of consciousness and healing from the inside out.  

Inspired by the physical complications many of their clients experience they have embarked on a journey as Natural Natives - The modern day alchemists of our natural earth. 

Working together with a raw holistic health pharmacist we seek to research, develop and provide holistic health and wellbeing products that serve the entire body and mind.

"Healer, heal thyself".